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We’re looking for ambitious, reliable, and passionate people to grow with us as we raise the standard of tree care in Fort Worth.

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Our culture

Does the idea of working in an office, strapped to a desk, doing the same old job day in and day out bore the hell out of you? Or do you thrive out of doors, in a high-energy atmosphere, where every day comes with new and unique challenges that push you to the next level?


We’re growing our elite team of self-motivated, hard-working individuals just like you, ready to prove their worth by tackling problems that few people can and attaining formidable skills along the way.


Work shouldn't be a place you hate. That’s why we’ve built a strong, family-like community where employee safety, satisfaction, and success are our top priorities. We take our work seriously, but we have a good time doing it. If you join our team, your daily grind doesn’t have to feel like such a grind anymore; you can build a lifelong career from nothing more than a great work ethic; and no matter the challenge, you can rest easy knowing your crew and company have your back.


Are you up for the challenge?

Our Perks

Education & Training

If you're willing to learn, we're willing to teach! We're happy to cover the cost of all industry-related seminars, certifications, and study materials, so you can level up your skills.

Milestone Celebrations

Congrats! It’s your work anniversary and we’re gifting you with brand-new, high-quality steel toe waterproof work boots. Or maybe it's your birthday? How about some beer and cupcakes. Any chance to celebrate.

Company Retreat

Join us for an all-expenses-paid getaway hosted each year for you, your partner, and your children. It’s an amazing time of relaxation and team bonding.


Our crews enjoy the vast majority of their weekends off, since we make every effort to get our work done in an average work week and get home safe for some R&R.


Maintain great attendance, uphold our safety standards, keep on track throughout the day, and earn performance bonuses for all your hard work!


If you're a full time employee, you can earn PTO, enjoy one paid holiday per quarter, plus two paid floating holidays to use whenever you want.

Our Team


I enjoy constantly learning new skills through hands-on training. Nobody’s afraid to ask questions, and everybody’s here to make each other better. The culture here is compassionate and helpful. 

In my spare time I enjoy lifting and comedy podcasting.

Our Values
Our Mission

We do things differently

We are Blue Ox Urban Forestry, a highly-rated, family-owned tree business based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Our mission is to preserve our urban forest and promote a community-wide passion for arboriculture by taking a three-step approach:

Invest in the growth and happiness of our employees

Prioritize science-based methodologies in all services

Build lasting and meaningful relationships with clients through hands-on participation

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Our Jobs

Ready to join us?

Check out our available positions and submit the form below to be considered! 

  • Ground Operations Specialist
    Status: Non-exempt, $14-18/hour Direct Report: Crew Leader Required Experience: None​ Responsibilities: ✓ Be punctual and reliable every day, and maintain good communication with your supervisor and the office regarding anticipated absences, late arrivals, early departures, etc. ✓ Operate a chainsaw to piece up brush and logs ✓ Use chainsaws, hand saws, and pole saws to prune from the ground or rooftops ✓ Make pruning cuts according to ANSI A300 standards ✓ Assist the climber with rigging line operations by lowering cut limbs safely to the ground ✓ Gather, stack, and haul brush and logs and feed it into a chipper or load onto a trailer ✓ Service and clean chipper, chainsaws, pole saws, and other equipment as needed ✓ Work around hazardous equipment ✓ Work around excessive noise from machinery with ear protection ✓ Work in all temperatures and weather and be exposed to nature (i.e., irritating plants, biting or stinging insects, dust, etc) ✓ Work on un-level terrain and from rooftops ✓ Work around falling limbs with proper protection ✓ Any additional tasks as specified by supervisorsTo add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Tree Climber Specialist
    Status: Non-exempt, $17-21/hour Direct Report: Crew Leader Required Experience: 2+ years working on a tree crew, 1+ years climbing on a tree crew Responsibilities: ✓ ALL responsibilities as outlined for Ground Operations Specialist ✓ Climb and maneuver within trees using ladders and/or saddle and climbing lines ✓ Use chainsaws, hand saws, and pole saws to prune while suspended in trees ✓ Use rigging lines to properly secure limbs before cutting and ensure they can be safely lowered to the ground by the GOS ✓ Prune and/or remove trees and shrubs in a timely manner without sacrificing the safety of your fellow crew members and the client’s property ✓ Work in tries at varying levels above the ground while suspended ✓ Any additional tasks as specified by supervisors
  • Crew Leader
    Status: Exempt, $42,000-55,000/year Direct Report: Company Presidents Required Experience: 2+ years climbing on a tree crew, 1+ years leading a tree crew, valid driver's license & excellent driver safety record ​ Responsibilities: ✓ ALL responsibilities as outlined for Ground Operations Specialist ✓ ALL responsibilities as outlined for Tree Climber Specialist ✓ Demonstrate exceptional knowledge of tree biology, pruning techniques, and tree identification ✓ Drive crew in work truck to and from every job site ✓ Read and understand work orders ✓ Communicate with the estimator with questions or concerns about work orders ✓ Perform a walk-through with the crew when arriving on site to convey tasks and goals ✓ Perform a walk-through with the client before leaving the job site to ensure customer satisfaction and collect payment ✓ Input crew work hours into iPad timesheet ✓ Take responsibility for the crew's safety and timeliness on every job site ✓ Take responsibility for the proper completion of the work order, proper clean-up of the job site, and client's overall satisfaction ✓ Train any and all new employees that join the crew ✓ Assist supervisor in preparing quarterly performance reviews for all GOS and TCS on the crew ✓ Any additional tasks as specified by supervisor(s)
  • Qualifications for Every Position
    ✓ Pass standard vision and hearing tests ✓ Maintain attention and concentration for extended periods of time ✓ Wear all necessary PPE any time it is required ✓ Enter and exit a vehicle numerous times a day ✓ Withstand exposure to all kinds of weather while completing work assignments, i.e. rain, heat, sun, cold ✓ Be able to traverse various terrains ✓ Be able to write, read and comprehend written and verbal job instructions/ information. ✓ Be able to communicate with others ✓ Be able to maintain attention during dangerous tasks ✓ Be able to lift, move and maneuver up to 80 pounds on an infrequent basis, and up to 50 pounds on a frequent basis ✓ Have endurance necessary to perform these duties throughout a standard eight or ten hour day ✓ Be able to work long hours and overtime during/immediately following weather or other tree-related emergencies (including holidays, weekends, etc.) ✓ Have sufficient eyesight to judge distances, and the coordination to get and use the appropriate equipment and tools ✓ Be able to operate and service all required tools and equipment ✓ Have transportation to and from the start-up location ✓ Pass a pre-employment drug test and have a clean driver safety record if applying for a position that requires driving company vehicles


Thank you for applying! We look forward to reviewing your submission.

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